A five step Guide: How to list your property on Nyumba Online Website.

Nyumba Online is a massive online property listing website in Uganda that has picked up huge numbers of listers, buyers and renters in the recent months. You may want to know how you can join this connected economy to get your property seen by thousands of searchers online. Here is a five step guide on how to list your property (house, land or home) on Nyumba Online properties.

1. Add Listing Tab

  • You can create an account or log in here. Make sure you have your photo, names and contacts right when you register, otherwise your property will be ignored if the buyer cant identify the seller properly.
  • Press the “Submit Property” button on the top right of the home page.
  • Enter the Title, Category (commercial or residence), and what’s it for (rent, sale or lease).
  • Write a property description. It’s very important that you write a description a buyer would like to read not a generic description with hashtags and symbols. Otherwise a buyer will pick an alternative Lister that can describe their property well. See example bellow.
  • Include the price of the property (UGX or US$)
  • Upload a featured image and other images in the gallery. A featured image is the most important of all these items. Imagine a buyer seeing the real property but not physically, online without visiting the property. You have to make sure you got the right angles of the property and your images have to be very clear. Avoid using WhatsApp shared images because such apps compress the image and lose its quality. If you really want to sell your property, we recommend you hire a professional photographer or call us to recommend one.

Example of Name/Title:

2 Bedroom House for Rent in Naalya

Property Description Example:

 2 Bedroom House for rent in Naalaya located in a secure neighborhood with a wall fence and a rolling gate. Self contained with 2 bathrooms, hot water and AC fitted. Kitchen and Dining areas are connected with a dining bar table, a living room and an office room. The 32 square meter bedrooms are located down the hall away from the living area.  Has a balcony with a high roof.

Photography Example

Required Dimensions: 1600 x 800 pixels

Required size: Not more than 1500 kb (1.5mb).

  • Upload photos or videos of your property to your listing—It’s very important that upload very good definition images. An Image helps the buyer inspect the property and make a decision to contact you without visiting the property first. With bad images, a buyer will scroll by your property to a property with the best images that can show him how the property looks like. From user statistics, houses without good images have been ignored in preference for those with great images.
  • We recommend you hire a professional to take the right images for you if you really want your property to sell.
  • We recommend images of size 1200 x 800 pixels less than 700 kilobytes in size. Properties with these settings always sell highly.
  • Drag and drop files into the box to upload

2. Property Address

Placing the right address is very important for the search engine to get your property when someone searches. If you select the wrong address, your property may appear in other searches or not appear at all. Remember, writing the address in the title alone will not help.

  • Select a district where your property is located.
  • Type or select the town, city or suburb.
  • Enter a particular location with a landmark that can easily identify you property location. This will show up on the map. We recommend you first visit google maps to use the correct location

3. Additional Information

This section is for land sellers. Include how big your land is, what size in decimals, hectares, meters, etc.

4. Media

This part is where it gets interesting. This is where we tell someone will be able to sell their property of not. The creative ones always do sell their property.

  • Video—Shoot a very creative virtual tour of your property and upload it on your YouTube Channel (everyone that has a gmail account automatically gets a Youtube Channel), or Facebook or Instagram and copy the link, paste it there.
  • With your phone you can create a 1-5 minute video easily. For example, point your camera and shoot moving really slowly to prevent video shaking, then pause and move quickly to another room or area and record. Repeat process until you’re satisfied of the video. Then upload to Youtube and boy-o-boy the customers will love your video.
  • Attachments—You can attach any lease or document you want buyers to have. This has to be a public document otherwise, everyone that visits the site will have a copy of that.
  • Additional features—Add features to your property that are unique like wooden floor tiles, clay tiles roof, electric fence. You can add as many as you want. These features usually make your property outstanding from the rest.

5. Submit Property.

And you’re on your way to get your property sold, rented or leased on Nyumba online website in Uganda. We usually approve properties within 24 hours of submission, so hold your horses or call our office for a quick approval.

If the details of your account or listed property are scanty, we may not approve your property for listing.

The buyer or renter will be contacting you directly, so make sure your email address and phone numbers are correct or may lose out a great opportunity.